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Felling Male Voice Choir are publishing some of the memories of members over the years. We’re still happy to hear your stories!

Well, it didn’t take Brian Holmes, Second Tenor, long to give us another contribution after he read our post “FELLING HIT THE ROAD ON 4th LEG OF EUROPEAN TOUR!”.

Here’s what Brian had to say:
“The hotel-room transactions were actually carried out at on our arrival in France on the first evening of the tour. I was asked to go to the reception to sort out the room arrangements etc. At the reception desk I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was one of the two coach drivers. “tell hor there’s nee way I’m sharing a room with him” (pointing at the other driver) “cos he snores like a trooper” Not being aware of any equivalent phrase in French, I explained that Bob’s snore was rather like a chain-saw and his colleague would prefer to sleep in a separate room, a request which was complied with.

The concert in Rouen was the last of the tour. A group of local Gateshead councillors were already there on an exchange visit. Preliminary arrangements had been made for the concert to start at 7.00pm. — hopelessly out of sync. with French eating habits many of whom will start eating, or think about eating, at that time. At 7.00 there were 5-6 in the audience. Chris. Wiltshire, the then MD, decided to delay the start and sing a reduced programme with no interval. By 7.30. the audience had swelled to 10-12 so the concert got underway. Gradually people started drifting in and by 8.15 we were singing to a full church. We completed our normal programme to rapturous applause!”