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The famous ORLYK Ukranian Dance Ensemble, formed in Manchester in 1949, teamed up with Felling Male Voice Choir.

It was the 21st March 1981 and the Annual Concert in Newcastle City Hall.

The performance of the group certainly lived up to their reputation. Perhaps the concert was best summed up by one of the choir’s most ardent supporters at the time, Eileen Armstrong:
“Despite the effective contrasts, I think that there were two outstanding points of similarity between the two groups.
Firstly, their discipline – all of us who watch Felling regularly know that it is a very important part of their performance, but the ‘ORLYK’ group proved that it was also an important ingredient to them.
Secondly, I think everyone who attended the concert would agree that it was a very professional and polished performance – from the concise introduction from the President to the slick ‘furniture removers’ (grand piano). A definite impression that those taking part were there to entertain, and intended the audience to enjoy themselves.
I cannot conclude without mentioning that fantastic performance given by the dancers during their last fling on stage. As Norman Williams said in his comments ‘How on earth do you follow that?’ I am sure very few people in the audience thought it could be done successfully – but it was! The choir’s rendering of ‘The Lord is my Light’ and the well deserved encore was equally breathtaking and exhilarating and was bordering on the best I have ever heard them sing.”