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Felling Male Voice Choir set for their 7th challenge on Teesside in 1984 with the support of their new Musical Director, Chris Wiltshire.

The venue was the International Eisteddfod in Cleveland. They had two test pieces and one of their own choices to sing. And they came away on top beating their closest opposition from Bratislava by 6 points.

Their record at Cleveland read three firsts, two seconds, a third and a fourth place out of 7 visits.

These were the adjudicators’ comments:
Test – “Hodie Christus Natus Est” by Palestrina – “Well balanced sound in all voices, all details well observed.”

Test – “Tiger, Tiger” by Armstrong Gibbs – “Full of contrasts and moods, understanding of the text, good presentation.”

Own Choice – “The Ballad of Semmerwater” by Wiltshire – “Excellent diction and understanding of the poem, very nice modern composition, Choir in all sections very well balanced, very musical and cultivated.”