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What a splendid setting for the Cleveland International Eisteddfod in 1988 – Wynyard Hall. The event was not held in the hall but in a large marquee by the lake.

This did not worry Felling Male Voice Choir too much as they ended up walking away with the top prize, beating the best from the North of England, Bulgaria and Turkey.

This is an extract from Sir David Lumsden, one of the adjudicators:
“there was no doubt in either of our minds (Tucapski, the other adjudicator) that Felling were the outright winners, because not only had you got your technical act together, with excellent tone, balance, blend, phrasing and intonation, but you displayed real musical sensitivity and insight. Your phrasing, dynamics and colour contrasts, your sense of atmosphere and timing, your involvement and powers of communication were all outstanding. In short, it was a musical treat, long to be savoured. It was a particular pleasure to me to be associated with you, however briefly and distantly.”