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Felling Male Voice Choir were so honoured in April 1985 to be invited as special guests to take part in the “Trianthahall Show” in Holland.

This was a 3-day Military Tattoo to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the liberation of Assen in North Holland. Felling with their friends, the “Asser Mannenkoor” played alongside military bands.

Felling sang “I’ve got a lovely bunch of Coconuts” in Dutch, “Lily Marlene” in German, as well as “In St. Paul’s” and a theatrical version of “The Drunken Sailor”.

One evening coincided with the exact day of the liberation. The large arena was hushed for the opening fanfare from the trumpeters of the “Marinierskapel”, then there was a succession of ‘Big Bands’, “Harmonie Vries”, the pipes and drums of the first Battalion of the Irish Guards, the band of the Premier Regiment Parachutiste d’Infanterie et de Marine and the male choirs of Assen and Felling.

The local newspaper reporter praised the Dutch Marine Band and Felling MVC “as being two groups which revealed their professional standards.”