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Yes, that was the headline in the Korsor newspaper on the 26th August 1974 and here’s what it said:

“It is not normal that you applaud or trample on the floor in a church, but for the concert in St. Paul’s church at Korsor on Sunday evening with the “Felling Male Voice Choir” the enthusiasm by the audience was so spontaneous that they did applaud and trample after each item. Also it was an exceptional concert. The church was filled to its utmost capacity and that will say, that also in the gang way in the nave listeners were sitting. It will not be possible to find one single amateur choir in Denmark which is correspondingly as good, connoisseurs told after the concert. Simply we have not got the human-material and the tradition, which is necessary for the foundation. There was a rare, beautiful concord of harmony between the different voices in the eighty men big chorus. Everybody was listening to one another and understood to arrange – and they did not have a single sheet of music in their hands during all the concert.”

Not a bad reflection!