Line Stewards

Responsibility: Keeping attendance record of section. Handing out and collection of sheet music in the section. Discipline of the section during practice and concerts.

Top Tenors                Ken Lumsden

Second Tenors         Malcolm Joiner

Baritones                   Ken Dixon

Bass                              John Kerr


Geoff Fairlamb

Responsibility: Keeper of the choir’s sheet music. Handing out and collecting sheet music from the line stewards. Issuing sheet music to new members.

Assistant Librarian

John Bellis

Responsibility: To assist the librarian in his duties.

To Hire the Choir

Contact: Mike Scott  – Tel: 01912640276 or Email: [email protected] 

To Join the Choir

Contact: Mick McCabe – Tel: 0796 910 7791 or Email: [email protected]