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Felling Male Voice Choir were on their first European Tour to Germany in May 1981.

And what a spirit of community and friendship did they find in the village of Laubuseschbach in the state of Hessen, where they were based.

The choir gave a concert with the “Chor-und Musikgemeinschaft ‘Frohsin-Eintract’ in Laubuseschbach. This gave the opportunity for each choir to demonstrate the type of music it enjoyed to the delight of the listening choir and audience. It was a very fitting musical end to the choir’s visit to Germany where they had been looked after and entertained so well by their new friends.

The hosts provided an excellent Sunday afternoon party in the nearby forest. The sun shone, the wine and beer flowed to accompany a delicious barbecue and the choirs sang in the open air.

Music creates a great Anglo-German spirit!