Dr. Gordon Adam

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Gordon Adam  President of Felling Male Voice Choir


Gordon says, ‘It was my good fortune that my activities as  a North Tyneside councillor brought me into contact with the late Ken Murray, for many years the accompanist to the Felling Male Voice Choir.  This resulted in my being asked to become President of the choir in the early 1980’s.  The choir, born  in 1920 in the mining community of Felling, has,  over the years,  brought much pleasure to audiences far and wide as well as in the North of England.


I have hugely enjoyed not only the singing but also the comradeship of the members and admired the support that the Ladies Circle gives to the work of the choir.


Now, as the choir approaches its Centenary year, it is successfully meeting the challenge that all male voice choirs are experiencing of recruiting new members  and planning ahead for its second century.


The strength of the fellowship of the choir is wonderfully expressed in the words of its signature tune with which every concert begins : ‘Music was my first love and it shall be my last’.