Dr. Gordon Adam

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Dr. Gordon Adam

Dr Gordon Adam has been President of the choir since the early 1980’s.  At that time he was one of the region’s members of the European Parliament where he served from 1979 until 2004.  But it was his involvement with the Playhouse in Whitley Bay which led to the link with the choir.

Originally the Playhouse was jointly managed by the Tyne & Wear County and the North Tyneside District Councils and Gordon was the first chairman of the management committee.  The County handled the financial aspects and were represented at the meetings by the late Ken Murray who just happened to be the choir’s much respected musical director.

Male Voice Choirs have a history of developing in the mining villages and Gordon’s experience as a mining engineer gave an understanding that after a hard week underground, singing on a Friday evening would be a welcome change in days when cars were few and television a distant dream.

Gordon never expected to have such a long and enjoyable connection with the choir.  He is clear that the strength of the choir and its success in now approaching its Centenary is built on the disciplined way in which the members have responded to the able leadership of the music team over the years. “It is at the concerts that one sees the pleasure with which the choirs singing is appreciated and the fruits of the rehearsals is realised.   Long may this continue!”

“I have hugely enjoyed not only the singing but also the comradeship of the members and admired the support that the Ladies Circle gives to the work of the choir. Now, as the choir approaches its Centenary year, it is successfully meeting the challenge that all male voice choirs are experiencing of recruiting new members  and planning ahead for its second century. The strength of the fellowship of the choir is wonderfully expressed in the words of its signature tune with which every concert begins : ‘Music was my first love and it shall be my last’.”