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Eddie Palmer, first tenor and former Vice Chair, has taken over as Chairman of Felling Male Voice Choir.

He took over the role from Stuart Dearlove at the choir’s Annual General Meeting last Friday. Here’s what Eddie had to say upon his appointment:

“As you probably have noticed this is our centennial year although my contribution to music doesn’t go that far back. Like a lot of young people years ago, I was introduced to the piano and like a lot of young people did not really care. After a number of years trying my best and failing I gave it up. But it had given me the love for music. I was fortunate in the school I attended that we had a music club where I was introduced to the classics, this opened my eyes to the beauty of music.

On leaving school I started work at an engineering company in Gateshead and this is where I first heard about a choir called Felling Male Voice Choir. Over the preceding years I kept hearing about this choir. Eventually I did not only hear about them but I was fortunate to see them in concert, what an experience. During this time I was singing in the local church choir and other choirs around the area. The time came when I thought about trying to join the Felling? A good friend of mine from another church, Bill Jobling, who I had sang with a number of times, said, ‘why not give it a try’? So the answer was ‘yes’ and so I made my way to Felling. On entering the hall I was instantly made welcome.

The people, the music, the camaraderie, all of this is summed up in four words FELLING MALE VOICE CHOIR. Come and join us.”