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Felling Male Voice Choir has experienced some memorable evenings over the years at the famous Newcastle City Hall.

In 1968, under the directorship of Norman Williams, they recorded an excellent live CD:
“Consolation of Music”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Llanfair”, “Tiger Tiger”, “Myfanwy”, “The Sea Gypsy”, “Peers Chorus”, “Speed Your Journey”, Three Slovak Folk Songs – “Geief”, “The Maiden In The Wood” & “The Faery Well” (Pianists – Mavis Coulson & Doris Williams), “Song Of The Plains”, “Kalinka” (Soloist – Robert Tully), “Eriskay Love Lilt”, “What You Gonna Call Yo’ Baby” (Soloist – Robert Pike), “Rockin’ all Night” (Soloist – James Crombie) and “Old Ark -a – Moverin’” (Soloist – James Crombie).

The Choir also made live recordings at the City Hall in 1980 and 1981.

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