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The guys from Felling Male Voice Choir have some great memories from over the years. If you’ve been a member of the choir and have got a happy or interesting story that you would like to share, then let us know and we would be happy to post?

Here’s a great opener from Mick McCabe (alias The Great Longbenton Leek):
“As a new member of a few months’ duration I and my wife boarded one of two coaches taking the choir and many other wives on a weekend of concerts in the South of the country. I knew very few of the guys and my wife knew none.

We chose a seat and prepared for quite a long journey. Within minutes of the coach setting off, we were befriended by two members sitting behind us. I didn’t know their names and had never spoken to them before. But, despite that they began a conversation, punctuated by jokes and anecdotes that lasted virtually the whole journey. By the time we arrived, many hours later, we both felt part of something that was more than just a choir. We had been made to feel genuinely welcomed and accepted and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. My wife still remembers that welcome and we both recently heard with some sadness that the second of those men had also died.

It was not until a few years after that weekend, when I had got to know them better that I learned that both had challenging personal circumstances in their own lives but that had not prevented them from giving us newbies a genuine welcome that we still remember fondly. I know that that’s a welcome that the choir continues to offer to new members.”