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Felling Male Voice Choir’s Secretary, Edward Harrison, heaped the honours of their great conductor, Tom Mearis: “In the passing of Mr T H Mearis, the choir has suffered a grievous loss. We who had the joy and privilege of serving under him, know him as a true friend as well as a great conductor. His tact, patience, and above all his magnetic personality had to be experienced to be fully appreciated. He was courteous and ever helpful to those who sought his advice. His whole soul was in all he did, and in the ideals of sound musicianship he stood aloft. Through all his grand achievements, he remained the humble soul we all so much loved. Not for the joy of winning was his purpose, for always did he impress upon his members – ‘the music first’. Ours will be the task, ours the privilege to keep alive his glorious memory, and by the continuance of the choir shall be our best tribute.”