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In February 1928, the men of Felling Male Voice Choir decided to enter the Blackpool Music Festival for the 1st time! History was in the making!

At their Annual General Meeting, the Choir decided to take part in the primary English choral festival in October. The hard work was about to start!

Dances were held to raise extra funds and the Choir rehearsed on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sunday afternoons. The journey to Blackpool was overnight, leaving Newcastle at midnight on the Friday and arriving in Blackpool at 7.00am on the Saturday morning. The journey back was also overnight on the Saturday night straight after the competition.

The Choir was proud of their 1st experience at the Winter Gardens as they were placed in 6th position out of 16 of the best male voice choirs.

Felling Male Voice Choir returned to Blackpool to compete in the following two years’ competitions and were placed 1st on both occasions. They were the 1st North East choir ever to win a major class at the Blackpool Tournament.