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Felling Male Voice Choir entered a new festival venture in 1982 – “Sainsbury’s Festival of Choirs”.

Choirs were selected by knock-out rounds from an entry of over 300 choirs.

80 singers from Felling performed at the Royal Albert Hall to the highest standard. The choir went to London to experience the venue and to justify selection among the top choirs in the country.

The ‘Times’ correspondent made the following observations:
“the approach may have been rather a hard concept to swallow; no marks, no test pieces or categories, and above all, no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but it would have taken a very intensive observer indeed not to have realised what the point of the day was – a celebration of the value of singing together. Instead of jingoism, one-upmanship and extremes of euphoria and dejection, we had pleasure, surprise and not a little inspiration.”

Felling felt that they demonstrated the true objectives of choral singing. They also continued this at the Llangollen Music Festival when they performed Chris Wiltshire’s “Great Things”. The choir were placed third.