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The King’s Hall, Newcastle

Felling Male Voice Choir had established a strong friendship with one of the top Welsh Male Voice Choirs – Morriston Orpheus.

It did not take long after a visit by Felling to Swansea in May 1993 for the Morriston guys to visit Tyneside again!

In October 1993, they arrived in the area, taking in the coastline, afternoon tea at an Italian restaurant in Longbenton and then to King’s Hall at Newcastle University for the evening concert.

And what an evening it was to be, the mood was set by the fine singing of the National Anthem by the Welsh men, very quietly and with feeling. It was a great concert which showed off the extensive repertoire of both choirs.

The “after concert” party at the T.A. Centre in Gateshead was equally impressive. The men had to be prepared to “sing for their suppers”! Great friendship!