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Why don’t you consider joining one of the best male voice choirs with a strong tradition here in the North East of England.

Felling Male Voice Choir are the guys who sing the “Geordie National Anthem” the “Blaydon Races” and manymore.

Here’s what some of our members said:
“We’ve been singing since 1920”
“Obviously I’ve not been a member all that time”
“So in 2020 we’ll be celebrating our Centenary”
“And between now and then we’re looking for new members”
“You don’t need to read music”
“You only need enthusiasm”
“And love to sing”
“You don’t need to be Pavarotti!”
“Remember – Singing in a choir is not like singing solo.”
“So no need to feel nervous.”
“You can always hide in the back row!”
“I never thought I had much of a voice!”
“If you love singing, we’d love you to get in touch.”
“So what have you got to lose?”

Interested in joining, then contact Mick McCabe at Tel: 0796 910 7791 or Email: [email protected]