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During their history, Felling Male Voice Choir have certainly never lacked determination and to aspire to perfection!

Well that was certainly what was on the minds of the conductor and members of the Choir when they entered the qualifying round of the National Competitive Music Festival. The Final was to be held in 1951 at the Royal Festival Hall to coincide with the Centenary of the Great Crystal Palace Exhibition.

The qualifying round was held at the Stockton Music Festival. The test pieces were “The Fighting Temeraire” by Bantock and “To Music, to becalm his Fever” by Bullock.

Felling Male Voice Choir won the preliminary contest with the unusually high mark of 191 out of 200. Dr. Bullock, an adjudicator commented on his own composition – “I shall not again hear it sung like that!” History was soon to be in the making!